About Us

SATOS Media was born from the desire to build meaningful connections between organisations and professionals in specialist communities. Our audiences drive the way that we create and manage our services, and we continually talk to our clients to better understand the issues that are affecting their working lives.​.

SATOS Media is the connection between common interests and diverse backgrounds. We facilitate conversations between organisations and industry professionals

Where SATOS Began

SATOS began over 15 years ago with our first brand, Security Cleared Jobs. Our mission was to create a platform that unified the diverse group of professionals within the security clearance sector.
We wanted to match talented professionals with industry leading organisations. That’s exactly what Security Cleared Jobs does on a daily basis.
We built on this mission and brought the connections and organisations together face to face with our first event – Security Cleared EXPO – which is now the largest in Europe.
We used this experience and expertise to launch our cyber security sector portfolio. Supporting professionals and organisations in this rapidly growing and critically important area.

Our Mission

We recognise that the true value of our communities lies in the connections and networks created, and want to continue facilitating engagement and support their growth and development.
SATOS Media allows organisations to engage with our networks at times, locations and in formats that are relevant and valuable.
Our teams are deeply embedded in the markets that they serve, and help brands better understand the community and position themselves as market leaders.
As a media group, we respond to the needs of the communities we serve. Currently providing job boards, training courses, and live events, we are constantly evolving and growing to best serve the needs of community members and clients.